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Splendour in the Grass- the music festival that sees thousands of people make their way to the mid-winter pilgrimage in Byron Bay’s Northern Grass Lands, has come to a groovesque conclusion for 2017. If there was one thing noted during this exploration of music and art, that is with fashion anything goes. Whether you were moshing at one of the four music stages, exploring the science tent or perusing the various food/ fashion stalls on offer, these five fashion trends where the ultimate festival-goers’ essentials.

Glitter Goals

festival fashion trends
festival fashion trends

If there was one trend that could basically sum Splendour up in one word, it would be glitter. Worn in multiple shades on the face, hair and clothes it was made evident there was no saying no to glitter. Seen in neat stripes on people’s faces, providing just that little magic for the favoured less statement approach, or, worn solely as a make-shift top with denim pants for the ultimate statement attire. Shining bright and dancing all night, glitter was the party peoples’ go-to.

Dr Denim

festival fashion trends
festival fashion trends

Everyone’s wardrobe essential was not just a trend but a necessity at the winter festival. During the day denim in various shades and sizes was seen tied around waists, worn as skirts or as the prevalent overalls. In the evenings, when the weather turned cold, denim jackets where used to layer with jeans, summer dresses and over bralettes. One things for sure, when it came to wearing denim, there was no wrong move.

Shady Ladies

festival fashion trends
festival fashion trends

Whether you had a big night drinking one to many cocktails from the night previously gone, or, simply because the sun rays shone so bright, sunglasses of all sorts became a must. Heart shaped rainbow tinted sunglasses, mustard coloured aviators, white 70’s retro vintage style and the classic circle bug eye where the main styles spotted. Future note to self: pack all. Sunglasses are a necessity and are also ones that are easy to lose- you wouldn’t want to be without.             

Flared up


The 70’s revisited. Taking cues from our parents circa 1978 when this was their ‘jam’. Surprisingly a thing or two was noted. Printed, sheer or metallic- these flares where made for dancing in pairs. Two-piece flared tops and pants called for an extra groovy time in the mosh pit, but if you didn’t have two, one would do. It’s safe to say our parents gave their approval to this fashionable trend.

Barely Bare

festival fashion trends
festival fashion trends

It wasn’t cold for everybody at this winter festival. Tops where off the agenda with bedazzled, floral and love heart shaped nipple covers taking centre stage. In the current global feminist movement voicing ‘free the nipple’ these Splendour girls listened. Paired with high waisted denim shorts and skirts, it was the ultimate way to show self-confidence whilst dancing to those live tunes. Walking away with one important message gained: there’s nothing quite like your most natural self.

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