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big brother naija housemates tell what they hate about each other

Lolu’s Roast
Lolu to Khloe – ” You are stark raving mad. You talk too much. Keep Quiet more

Lolu to Khloe – ”The world doesnt revolve around your bum bum

LOLU to princess – ”U exaggerate a lot. U dont feel confortable in certain sphere. just stop exaggerating. There is a lot to learn from u if u are a whole lot calmer

Lolu to BamBam – ”U could do with a lot more confidence. Don’t be inconspicous. Be comfortable with who u are

Lolu to Vandora – ”Be more open, believe in yourself. Your BF out there might not marry you, so dont miss the opportunities u have in the house to mix and mingle

LOLU to Miracle – ”U spend too much time with one HM. if u are abit more in people’s face in a good way, we will all come to appreciate the depth to your personality

Lolu to Ahneeka: u spend most of ur time sleeping, under the duvee……like what the fuck are u here? Get the fuck outta the bed and get to work

Lolu to bitto : I don’t know if you want to entertain the viewers .. like which guy wakes up and clean the fucking whole house? Who do you fucking want to impress ?

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Ifu Ennada’s Roast
Ifu Ennada to Miracle -: Connect more with people. U never know #BBNaija

Ifu Ennada to Khloe – ”The world doesnt revolve around you. Stop taking things personal. Nor be only get madness

Ifu Ennada to Cee-c : You look at the mirror a lot. That cuts across like insecurity

Ifu to Dee-One : That joke u made to me (I look like food wey nor done well) the other day hurt

Ifu Ennada to K=-brule : U need to man up as in U need to f**kin man up and stop sounding like a 17 yr old

Ifu Ennada to LOLU – If you have a problem with me, tell me about it. We nor be mad people. make we reason am. stop having anger issues

Ifu Ennada to Bitto – Stop being a rumour monger. Na women dey get time for things like that. Be a Man

Ifu Ennada to Ahneek.a – ” Maybe u are cunning, u surprise people. U are not really showing yourself’

Teddy_a’s Roast, Bringing out the truth

Teddy_A to Rico – Cool Dude , Mad Talent, a ladies man obviously but we need to see that swag of the first day you came into the house. Show us that bad side. Switch it up man”

Teddy_A to Khloe – Sometimes SHUT UP, Sometimes CHILL

Teddy_A to Cee-C – U are H.B.I.C – Head Bitch in Charge, dont always stick to Tobi, even Tobi is trying to free himself. Have fun with the girls its all about relationships’

Teddy_A to Tobi – U need to get out of your shell. Stop glueing yourself to Miracle. You can connect with the other girls, If you had it all you wouldn’t be here. You are 25 man. Stop sleeping all the time. You are not old. You can do more in the house. Interact more

Teddy_A to Princess – ”Try not to be bossy to the other girls” #BBnaija

Teddy_A to Bam Bam – ” I know you are Alpha Female and I am Alpha male. Am a free bird. I will have fun and its up to you as an adult to realise that. I should be able to have fun and u not feel disrespected

Teddy_A to K-brule i cant be your big brother, i urge you to toughen up

Teddy_A to Vandora – ” Pick a side, if you like someone go for them, dont be that girl that flirts with everyone

Teddy_A to Alex – ”There is a lot u can do but u dont believe in yourself.Stay True to yourself

Teddy_A to Miracle – ”Cool guy but u too dey form fine boi. I dont see that confidence when you talk to me. Stop shacking up all the time with Nina

Teddy A to Ahneeka – ”I feel like cos u are popular face on TV, u are getting ur guard up.Why are u acting Timid? forget about anything,show my man ,RICO some attention. Have a good time with Rico, u never know

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Miracle to BUM BUM sorry Bam bam

Miracle to Anto – ” I have not really seen a bad side of you but at times you push people to the point they explode”

Miracle to Princess – ”You can be loud especially in the kitchen” #bbnaija

Miracle to Rico – ” I see you as a cool guy until the day we did truth or dare”

Miracle to Tobi – I dont like the fact that U are just too emotional for someone that have the kind of body you have

Miracle to K-brule – ” Whenever U are high, u misbehave. I know u have feelings for anto. What i didnt like was that i dared you to kiss anto but u preffered to eat pepper’

Miracle to Ahneeka – ” You are too technical but i understand that comes with being an Engineer

Miracle to Vandora – ”I see you as a church girl – Mary Amaka

Miracle to Teddy A – ” We havent really bonded maybe cos U are into Music and i don’t really know much about that

Miracle to Angel – ” You have a lot of knowledge. People say u are bossy but i dont see that a problem. I see you are a director

Miracle to Ifu Ennada – ” Ever since the nomnations u have always been nice to everyone’

#BBNaija Roast

Alex roasted hgousemates: check below:

Alex to Ahneeka – ”You are smart but take it easy on Rico. Stop being SOLO. Try and be yourself” –

Alex to Ifu – ” We know you have gone thru a lot. Don’t BLOCK your emotions”

Alex to LOLU – ” You are SMART but you have ANGER issues”

Alex to Bitto – ” You dont have to serve Princess food for her to like you”

Alex to Bitto -”u are a bit dramatic. You came here and turned to a House boy. I don’t understand why you are doing everyone’s work. Don’t put urself in a position where u cant keep up. Nobody trusts u any’. U are tryinf to get everyone’s pity ”

Alex to Angel ”I Just liked you few days ago. If you dont understand me , u dont understand me. U are too rigid. I dont like coming close to you. When its time for Gym, u lord it over us ” –
Alex to Teddy – ”I dont like the fact that BamBam feels at peace with you” –

Alex to BamBam – ”I am scared of the way you carry yourself in the house. You are too sexy. You should NOT be sexual about everything”

Alex to Anto – ”You are holding a whole lot back. Don’t always hold back.”

Alex to Princess – ”You are mean to people’s emotions. Try to understand people, its not everything u get pissed about”

Alex to Princess – ”I don’t like you”

Alex to Rico – The you i saw in the first week is not the you i see now –

Tobi is looking like someone whose coffin has already been nailed

Alex to Cee-c : You are RUDE and comfortable being RUDE

Alex to Khloe – You are very annoying

Alex to Leo – ” I dont like the fact that you make me emotionally at risk in this house”

Alex to Nina – You are Lazy


Alex has feelings for Tobi. That’s a FACT !!!

Alex nails it to Tobi and lays it down to him that his love for Cee-C has blinded his eyes to the fact that there are other girls in the house –

Alex is picking on House Mates that speak American accents –

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