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Food, Weight, Attract Discussion big brother naija housemates wahala over food

Sweet discussions are part of health and help you go along well, today they where in a heated conversation, yah Girl talk you know.

What started off as an innocent revelation from Princess spiralled out of control and got everybody to give their add ons on the issue. Princess told the fellow housemates that she always wanted a tiny waist and had planned a fat removal surgery which would solve the fattening condition

This statemaent caused an attraction froma number of housemates;  with Ifu jumping in the conversation, she said that she wished she had more hips, followed by Anto who said she could do with larger breasts. Who would have expected such admissions from these confident ladies?

Suprisingly, of all people, it is K.Brule whose self-confidence issues are no secret, who pleaded with Princess to ‘not let anyone make her feel inadequate’. K.Brule also slid in that he had never been a fan of plastic surgery and only needed his teeth fixed.

It turned out that this chat was not as trivial as it sounded for Angel who came across as quite gritty, revealing predatory traits previously kept under wraps. He chuckled about ‘bitches getting stiches’, punching in that God’s work needed no changes and boasted that he intended to age without using steroids. Preying on the occasion, he also didn’t miss the chance to mock Ahneeka and said she should be renamed Acne Girl. Sure, the two never hit it off but this was quite a low blow.

Across the kitchen counter, as if on an isolated island, Lolu held tightly onto Anto’s waist, breathing into her neck while his cheek stroked against her soft tuft of natural hair.