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big brother naija 2018 dairy section transcript day 16 (read what the housemates said today during the dairy section)


Miracle:  ” I’d like to see dee 1 lead the house”,

Dee1 . Diary section was a long one he talked about the fight between him and Khloe earlier during the day,, he also made a shout out to his girlfriend, his mom and his dr brother, he rapped up his dairy section by asking biggie to put something together for his birthday on Saturday

Ifu. “I was not happen with the hoh task , because I wanted to win, I am ok with anyone outside of myself. The head of house have a lot of conflicts with people, people don’t really respect her but she’s trying. If I had the power to choose who will be evicted it will be tobi and cece, because they’re a strong couple, I nominated cebi because I wanted to eliminate the strong link I nominated mina because I just wanted them gone. I was happy for the fact that the nominations were cancelled I’ll like to send a shoutout to my dad and my sister”.


Bito . “I feel the new hoh is doing her best and she believes in team work, and I think she will do good job , I’ll would have preferred ifu as the hoh, and I think the house would have been more coordinated,, and rico because I believe he can keep the house coordinated, I nominated tobi and cece, I feel tobi has a lot of potencial but cece hindered it, and mina because they hardly bring anything to the table and her accent is laughable and miracle because of his alliances. I was shocked when the nomination was cancelled, if I was to eliminate someone my first choice will be cebi and mina,
I’ll like to shoutout to my father and my mentor”

Koko. “I nominated cebi and bamtedy, I nominated them because they have never being up for eviction, and if I am giving the power to eliminate a housemate I will be pair dee1 shoutout to my family and my friend alani”

anto. “I am already closed to Khloe, and I think she’s going to be good as the house leader, I nominated cebi and mina, mina because they don’t do much in the house and cebi because they have never been up for eviction, the nolification of the nominations made me angry, if have the power to eliminate a pair it will be mina, I have no special person outside the house so no shoutout to anyone”.

Tedy. “Feel it was harsh the guys were disqualified, I think the hoh is trying to get the house together to make the house more entertaining, but some of the housemates didn’t think it was a good idea, I nominated mina and loto, Nina because she brings nothing to the table and it a pity miracle is paired with her, and loto because lolu is also a housemate that I can do without. My special shoutout goes to my mom.. shoutout to my girlfriend”
He also point out the fact that he has a girlfriend.

ALEX. “I feel unhappy today,, because I don’t like it when I am forced to stay at a particular place, I need my own space and I need to make my hair everything is just annoying me, the bonding task is going well for me, I would have preferred teddy or bambam to be hoh, I have been scared of Khloe been the head of house because it will bring a lot of problems but I am ok with it and watching what will happen. I would chose to eliminate angel ifu if i was asked to eliminate someone…I’ll like to make a shoutout to my mom my dad and my brother”.

Nina. “Well today was good and funny it was fun, I feel good, yes, I am happy with the new hoh, in as much she a trouble maker she’s fun and I think she will make a good leader, I would have preferred ifu because I want to know how she will be as a leader, I nominated bamtedy, becase of teddy because he’s too troublesome he aggravate on all I say just to make fun of it, and lolu is cony due to the eviction he is not a straight person, I felt happy the nomination was cancelled because now we’re all up, if i were to choose who will be eliminated, I can’t choose becuase I’m scared for myself so I can not choose…I’ll make a shoutout to my boyfriend I just want you to know I love you I don’t know what I am doing in the house with miracle but trust me I love you, we will settle when get out”.

Kbrule. “I feel good I like the exercise, the bonding exercise has not really thought me anything new, the mode in the house today is animated and very good, I would have preferred angel to be hoh because he is matured and he will command more respect, I nominated bamtedy and cebi, the cancellation of the nomination makes me feel bad, and I feel bad for the people up for eviction this week, I wouldn’t like to eliminate anyone.
I have no special person in my life..I’ll like to shoutout to my mother”

CECE. “ i was bored earlier today but now I feel good generally, , I am glad to see Koko as the hoh, I nominated loto and vandee, for vandee, I had he was going around talking about me and also for loto and the nominations was personal to me. The bonding excesice is Been great for me. i wouldn’t like for anyone to leave because I am already in connection with everyone in the house. Special shoutout to my family. A special shoutout to my friend didi”.

Lolu. “I feel good in general and I am happy for the hoh but I think she still needs to work on her leading skills, cebi because they distance themselves from other housemates, I just wanted them to know how it feels to be up for eviction, the cancellation of the nominations was not a surprise for me, I also picked mina because of Nina she doesn’t have much to offer and they both distance themselves from the other housemates. I am not thinking of anyone to leave the house, but if I am asked, I’ll say maybe mina, I’ll like to make a special shoutout to my sister and to everyone how have taken special interest in me and to my father and dodo, she’s a very special person to me”.

vandora. “I feel different types of emotions, I thank God I have cleared the air about been fake, I don’t know whats up with khloe she needs to calm down it’s not her duty to wake us up ..
There was a lot of jabajaba in between
I wanted the hoh badly I am so sad, but I wanted ifu or bambam, because bambam is my friend in the bbn house I like her a lot, for ifu I just feel the girl I just feel her vibe, but Koko is trying right now.
I nominated cebi and mina because tobi have been getting on my nerves, because of a girl I thought he was an idiot
Again a lot of jabajaba in-between
I got tired of typing her shit…
If I was to pick a housemate to leave it will be cebi and mina
I want o send a message to my boyfriend, and also shoutout to my mom and dad”
Well she was so emotional at the end.

She think her partner is falling in love with her.

Princess. “My day have been good, I think I am bonding with my partner, the leadership currently is a little bit dicey I think she will get better, I would have preferred ifu, feel she have a strong scene of discipline, and she will make a good leader, what I feel about the hoh challenge is the readiness. I learnt that giving up is not an option. I nominated cebi and bamtedy, cebi because they have been too confortable I wanted them to feel a bit of hit and bamtedy becuase I feel like, if I was to eliminate someone it will be, mina.
Special shoutout to my family, and to my friends”.

Ahneeka. “I feel constipated, becuase I have not used the restroom for awhile, the bonding excercise teaches you tolerance of others, the new hoh is interesting, I think she going to do well but we will have drama, I would have wanted bambam or ifu to win,
I nominated mina and loto, mina because they have not brought a lot to the table, loto because I feel they’re very cony, I was so surprised as the nomination was cancelled and I feel unsettled, I f I was to choose who will be eliminated it would be prito. i feel like princess is making it had for me and my pair to really bond.
Special shoutout to my family and my fans and friends”

LEO. “Feel relaxed in general, I think the hoh is going to do her best, the cancellation of the nomination was well justified , I’ve grown fond of everyone in the house but if I was to eliminate a pair I will be mina.
Special shoutout to my mom and special shoutout to my brother and my sister.”

Bambam,. I had a great day toady generally I feel very happy today, so far she makes a fair leader, I like it, I felt bad about the cancellation of the nomination, I would choose mina if I was to decide who should go home, because they have no hold on anybody in the house.
Special shoutout to my brother, my best friend Anita, and my mom and dad”

TOBI. “Today have been dramatic, well it’s a good feeling in the house, so far the bonding is working, I was scared when Khloe became the head off house but she’s trying to be a good person, and it a good one her and for the house, i was happy about the cancellation of the nominations because I felt the housemates were conspiring against me.
Vandee,. because I see vandora is not closed to anyone so I think she will not be missed also dee1 because he is Conny
Special shoutout to my mom and to all the cool girls out there that like me and all the single parents out there”

RICO. “I feel great today,,she’s only been head of house for a day or two now I feel like Khloe is delicate and she like to ask people to help her out and she can’t really hold the house herself, she’s a very emotional person. if I was ask to choose a pair to eliminate I’ll like to eliminate mina, because they don’t contribute more to the house
Special shoutout to my girl, shoutout to my mom”.

NAGEL: “I feel at peace, and settled, how I feel about the new head of house?, she’s a person with good intension but without help from the fellow housemates it will be chaos, becuase she has communication issues, I nominated cebi and mina, I was indifference about the cancellation of the nomination, I feel free. If I was to choose who will be eliminated it will be cebi and mina because cebi do not do much in the house”.


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